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1. Software Development

Techsysplus is a software development company that enables organizations to achieve tangible enterprise value through technology initiatives. We provide managed software development services along with professional services and independent software testing spanning commercial software products.

Mamun Srizon

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Customer Relationship Management

When it comes to customer relationship management, Techsysplus is an undisputed leader dominating the CRM landscape. We maintain strong partnerships with various CRM vendors on a global scale enabling clients to take the advantage of trusted insights and expertise.....  Read More

Business Management Software

We create easy to use and convenient business management software featuring integrated inventory, invoicing and contact management system. Our full-range business management software covers the needs of modern companies in the best way possible.....  Read More

Point of Sale

Since a very long time, we have been providing custom development of Point of Sale software solutions with continued support and maintenance. We have gained great experience as well as technological expertise in developing POS systems.....  Read More

SAP Solutions

Whether you are taking up your very first SAP implementation or looking forward to increasing the value of your existing SAP applications footprint, Techsysplus will help you by providing SAP solutions ranging from.....  Read More

Custom Software

The custom software development service that we provide is all about delivering great results that help in driving the value of a business.....  Read More

Education Management Software

Education management software created by us can be accessed very easily. It is powerful and user-friendly and is the best when it comes to school administration and management.....  Read More

Human Resource Management Software

We are experts at creating proactive human resource management software with useful functionalities. Our software plays a strategic role for the entire HR Department.....  Read More

Hotel Management Software

Techsysplus provides the ultimate hotel management software for the hospitality industry. The software covers a wide range of hotel operations.....  Read More

Hospital Management Software

Our hospital management software makes way for instant profit and loss statements and easy patient registration for hospital management.....  Read More

2. Mobile Application     Development

Techsysplus is a company which is widely known as one of the most trusted custom mobile development companies. This is because we have been successful in catering to the value added service requirements of the clients by making use of the most recent and advanced technologies.

Mamun Srizon

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Android Application

Our main aim is creating state-of-the-art Android application by combining dedication and skills towards coming up with some of the best applications. Android is growing fast and thus we aim towards providing the best in this sphere......  Read More

Utility Application

We provide convenient and useful solutions for smartphone users in the form of utility applications giving them the power of customizing their personal experiences with their phones.....  Read More

iOS Application

We have a dedicated team of iOS application developers who work with the aim of supporting the innovative nature of iOS. We have made it a point to deliver projects on time......  Read More

Windows Application

The developers at Techsysplus possess technical expertise in delivering some of the most user-friendly windows applications for meeting your exact requirements.....  Read More

Mobile Games

We are a very popular mobile game development company possessing an in-house gaming studio packed with the latest technologies and tools required for building 2D and 3D games.....  Read More

E Commerce Application

We deal in the provision of all kinds of business-oriented e-commerce application development by analyzing the present technology.....  Read More

3.Website and Application's

Techsysplus specializes in the field of developing websites that fetch great results for the clients. We create websites that hit the goals of clear communication and promote the overall branding of a company. We possess the potential of developing almost any type of website for almost any industry.

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E commerce Website

We possess industry experience in developing e-commerce websites enabling our clients to reach the global audience. We are the leaders in creating and implementing the best e-commerce solutions which are integrated with a business website in the most impeccable manner......  Read More

Static/Dynamic Website

Our company is completely dedicated to providing admirable services in the field of static and dynamic website development. Our static website development services help clients in displaying their product or business online in the best way possible......  Read More

Website Application

We are a boutique web application development company completely focused towards changing the way the clients think about the web. The applications that we develop are user-focused, highly innovative and business-driven.....  Read More

4.Online Marketing

Techsysplus provides online marketing solutions focused on getting the best results. We provide services that enable the clients towards growing their businesses by making the optimal use of different online channels. These channels include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click, Brand Building, Vital Marketing Services and Online Reputation Management.

Mamun Srizon

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We can be of good help to clients by providing them SEO strategy that is fully customized according to the requirements of a particular business. We work in the form of hard core SEO specialists focused towards getting good ranks for our clients and helping them beat competition......  Read More

Email Marketing

We excel at building smart email programs that help our clients in maximizing the power and the use of the most effective channel of marketing. Clients can always use our services for sending email campaigns, newsletters, bulk emails and mass emails without taking the burden of installing any kind of email marketing software......  Read More

Social Media Marketing

Techsysplus’ social media marketing services are completely focused towards improving the position of companies. Our services have been specifically designed for showing the clients their potential customers. We provide the best social media marketing strategy which is also called interactive marketing best suited for businesses.....   Read More

5.Hardware and Networking

Hardware & Networking is the procedure of supplying information and data by linking a group of networks. This is done by making use of different hardware like hubs, switches, access points, gateways, networking cables and network interface cards. Techsysplus specializes in the field of Hardware and Network support. We provide internet services, offsite backup and hardware to businesses. We work in the form of computer hardware professionals excelling in the field of maintaining computer hardware. We provide the best networking solutions in Unix, Windows, NetWare and Linux. You can always rely on us for wide area connectivity which involves the use of latest routers, switches and hubs. You can always choose us because we guarantee timely execution of our services and effective planning prior to implementation. We are highly reliable as we ensure authenticity in the implementation procedure and cost effectiveness at the same time. We possess all the significant resources required for constructing a complete computer network.

Mamun Srizon


Techsysplus delivers application outsourcing solutions which help clients in creating more value for their businesses. Our services also help in reducing costs and improving efficiency throughout the IT systems. We provide highly industrialized outsourcing services which are underpinned by strong SLAs based on the best practices as per industry standards. Our outsourcing services represent a kind of commitment for continuing the era of value generation and improvement. Out application outsourcing services are geared towards completely revolutionizing the application outsourcing portfolio of the clients. Our services also enable our clients to fetch enhanced and higher business value. We work with an approach which is tuned towards bringing in strategic differentiation and operational superiority. We work towards making the business of our clients more competitive and profitable. We work best in IT environments promising the best results at reduced costs. Our services are the best in the market that guarantee real time success for the clients.

Mamun Srizon